At first glance , one would be mistaken . Built on a rocky peninsula with its fortified walls , its boats on the harbor, gulls , Essaouira is immediately to decor Britain. However, its whitewashed to flat roofs, frames and its blue minaret houses remind us quickly where we are. Essaouira is the essential step of your stay in Morocco. A little out-of - time Essaouira is a quiet place for escape .

Its unique light and its charm will certainly not fail to enchant you . Essaouira has greatly enriched by its successive occupants : Greeks, Cypriots Carthaginians, Romans, Portuguese sailors who had also been an important trading post and military called " Mogador ". She also was the home of an important Jewish community crib. The Jewish quarter , now dilapidated old Jewish Quarter and the Jewish cemetery bear witness to this ancient presence . The Church, rare monument in the cities of the Maghreb also recalls the Christian presence and confirms the long history of tolerance of the old " Mogador ". At the crossroads of several tribes - the north, the Chiadma , Arabic , to the south, Haha, Berber , Gnawa , descendants of former slaves and other ethnic groups from Africa - Essaouira is a cultural and artistic hub .

Since the '50s , Essaouira is home to a lively artistic creation. It has been a real source of inspiration for many filmmakers. The former " Mogador " even served as a backdrop for some scenes of films: Alexander the Great Oliver Stone , Kingdom of Heaven Ridley Scott or even Orson Welles's Othello , also awarded the Palme d'Or at Cannes 1952 . Dynamic culturally is that take place in Essaouira Festival Gnaoua music and world music and the Festival Andalusias Atlantic . World Heritage of Unesco, the medina of Essaouira and its maze of streets is a protected area where you can stroll and dream with confidence. Restored riads , art galleries and craft workshops will enhance your career.

The Museum of Essaouira , the museum Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah offers a fine collection of arts and popular traditions of the region (jewelery, costumes, weapons , musical instruments , carpets , paintings, wool carpets which are represented animals, characters and motifs in extravagant decorations ... ) and reflects the expertise of local artisans . Essaouira is particularly specialized in cabinetry or inlay (tables , boxes , bracelets, trinkets wood) based root cedar . The market or souk Essaouira jdid also worth a look .

Grouped by specialty various souks come together in a joyous whirlwind of colors and scents . Wearing the old " Mogador " whose main activity is fishing is a very lively place : daily auction, trawlers , seagulls ... the table does not lack entertainment .

Essaouira is also a popular resort . The wind from the sea, taro Berber , makes it an ideal place for windsurfers . With a whimsical ocean , swimming however remain dangerous . You can explore its beautiful beaches by foot, horse or camel during pleasant and relaxing walks.