The city of Tangier is at the crossroads of many civilizations . This is an important place in Greek mythology . Founded in the fourth century BC by the Carthaginians Tangiers has always been a coveted city .

Its geographical position is very strategic effect . After successively Carthaginian, Roman , Vandal , Byzantine, Visigothic , Arab-Muslim , Portuguese, English and Spanish , it will be recovered in 1684 by the Alawite dynasty . Tangiers has an international dimension. Very soon she welcomed the consuls of the major European nations. She even became in 1923 an international zone monitored by foreign diplomats and a representative of the Sultan. The international status of the city offered a period of great influence , both in the cultural field than in business. In 1960 she permanently reinstate the Moroccan territory.

This is a true place of hospitality, brewing European cultures, Arab and African . It symbolizes the union between the two continents. Tanger White fascinates ...

This is a legendary city that served as the backdrop for many films and novels. This city has also acted as a true muse with various artists and celebrities who have stayed there : painters, musicians, filmmakers , poets , but also businessmen, philanthropists and celebrities. To name a few : Paul Bowles, Paul Morand , Jean Genet, Mohammed Choukri , Samuel Beckett , Tennessee Williams, Henri Matisse, Delacroix , Camille Saint -Saëns, Pierre Loti , Frederico Garcia Lorca ... Today still it is home to many artists as part of its festivals. In 1952 , the famous journalist Joseph Kessel has dedicated a great book : " The Grand Socco ." Tangier is a magical place which is on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic , which meet Europe and the Maghreb ocean.

At the foot of lush Mediterranean hills lies a beautiful bay . Enjoying a pleasant climate throughout the year is a very touristy town. At the heart of the city of Tangier is Africa and Europe who live in harmony .

Organization of the characteristic town of Moroccan cities with here and there the places and monuments that remind us of the strong European heritage of the city. Medina and its labyrinth of alleys, the Kasbah and panoramic place, the oriental atmosphere Petit Socco , the Great Mosque , the Grand Socco but the steeple of the church of St. Andrew's , the place of France and his illustrious cafés. The city and the wonderful views it offers make it a good place to linger. You can stroll around the Petit Socco and Grand Socco or dream to the terrace with its many cafés : the Grand Café de Paris , Cafe de France , Café Strait , Café lazy and of course the famous Hafa café overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar and offers an unforgettable panoramic view. Tangier is a very dynamic city culturally . For example , the city hosts annually from late May to early June , the international festival Tanjazz .

In July , takes place very eclectic festival nights of the Mediterranean. Art galleries and a rich film program confirm this status as a cultural city. Besides festivals , Tanger also offers its visitors sporting activities. The Royal Golf Tangier offer fans of the sport a very nice course in the middle of pine, fir and eucalyptus. Bordered by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic , the city also offers many water activities. Tangier has a cricket stadium which hosts international competitions. A water park entertains younger . Area Tangier offer a range of tours to the curious looking for beautiful scenery.

Approximately thirty kilometers from Tangiers, the biggest port in the north of Morocco is being built : the huge Tanger - Mediterranean.

Offer also pretty quiet walks at Cape Spartel and Cape Malabata . Cork oaks, eucalyptus broom and embellish this little expedition. Both caps are perfect places to watch sunrises and sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Near Cape Spartel the Caves of Hercules worth visiting. This is a series of openings in the rock invaded by water at high tide. The opening of these caves form a map of Africa reversed. They bear the name of Hercules in Greek mythology tale because it is here that Hercules would have rested after digging the Strait of Gibraltar. With its many green spaces and riads , Tanger embodies a true sweetness of life.

It has even become a resort for many Moroccans. Cornice , numerous bars and private clubs , festivals make it a very festive place more and more fashionable . This is a unique place that will leave you , for sure , a memorable impression.